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Cesarean Birth

In the U.S. nearly one third of mothers give birth via cesarean. If you are expecting a cesarean delivery, you may still benefit greatly from doula service! 

I can help you create a birth plan for your cesarean, helping you define and negotiate a birth that remains intimate, gentle and family-centered. Birth- regardless of mode- is a sacred and precious time. You, your partner and your baby deserve a memorable and lovely transition! Click here to read more about the ways a doula can support your beautiful cesarean birth.

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Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

With so many mothers birthing their children via cesarean, many mothers wonder if Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) is right for them. I can come along you as you research and plan your VBAC delivery. I can also help you navigate and negotiate with the medical system and can offer you sensitive, encouraging support as you prepare for a vaginal birth after cesarean.

Hearthside offers a discount on doula service to women who are pursuing a VBAC- and don’t forget to check out your local ICAN Chapter! Learn more about VBAC saftey here.


Cesarean and VBAC Families are Dear to My Heart!

To that end, I have created special classes for these special families. You deserve a beautiful birth- I can help you prepare!


VBAC Prep Class

Join me for an exploration of best practices that increase your chances for a VBAC and for a review of the vital things VBAC-ing mamas need to do to for VBAC success! Learn how to spot a genuinely supportive physician and hospital, how to work with your doctor and hospital PRIOR to labor and how to labor in a way that allows your body to work most effectively!

Cost: $75 per couple.  A small travel fee of $1 per mile will be charged for visits more than 15 miles from Denver, PA.

Your Gentle Cesarean

Every birth is special and heart expanding! While many women can birth vaginally (even after a prior cesarean!) sometimes a cesarean is the best option for the family. Come learn about cesarean births and how to make your child’s welcome warm and family-centered!

Cost: $75 per couple.  A small travel fee of $1 per mile will be charged for visits more than 15 miles from Denver, PA.

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