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Lactation Counseling

TS Baby1Many breastfeeding couples are able to learn how to breastfeed with minimal disruptions. Some, however, benefit tremendously from the skilled assistance of a Certified Lactation Counselor. Breast pain, breast engorgement, difficulties latching, a lethargic baby- these are all signs that a skilled breastfeeding professional should be brought in to counsel the new mother. If you have any concerns about your breastfeeding relationship, please call as soon as possible so I can help you get back on track to meet your breastfeeding goals.

Lactation Counseling services are also available to mothers who are moving into a new phase of their breastfeeding journey such as pumping/storing breastmilk when returning to work, weaning your child or initiating lactation in anticipation of an adoption.

Cost: $60 for up to 2 hours; $30 each additional 30 minutes. A small travel fee of $1 per mile will be charged for visits more than 15 miles from Denver, PA. Most consults will take under 2 hours.

**There are reports of families being reimbursed for lactation care by the insurance companies. I am happy to help you pursue this option. Payment would be made in full and I will provide you with a coded receipt and sample reimbursement request letter. There is no guarantee of reimbursement, but it may be a possibility worth pursuing


The natural power of breastfeeding is one of the greatest wonders of the world. It is about real love. It is about caring and celebrating the wondrous joy of nurturing a new life. It is about enjoying being a woman.

~ Anwar Fazal


Beautiful Breastfeeding

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In this three hour educational session, we’ll discuss the normalcy of breastfeeding for motherbaby’s health, the facts about infant feeding options, and how to get the best possible start on your breastfeeding journey. We discuss positioning, how often to feed the baby and how to know the baby is getting enough; everything you ever wanted to know about breastfeeding is covered!  Because social support is so important to the success of breastfeeding, I extend this session beyond the expectant couple to include important support people such as grandmothers, sisters and best friends.

Cost: $75 per couple; $10 per each additional support person.  A small travel fee of $1 per mile will be charged for visits more than 15 miles from Denver, PA.


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