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Hypnobabies Support


Hearthside seeks to support families in anyway they desire during their birthing time. To that end, I have trained and certified as a Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Doula (HCHD)!  As a hypno-doula, I can support your Hypnobabies birth by:

   1.  Practicing Hypnobabies techniques and hypno-cues ahead of time with the you in a few Birthing Rehearsals, as well as using Hypnobabies language and techniques at all times. This reinforces your practice!

    2. Assisting you to communicate with hospital staff, explaining that you need darkness, solitude and quiet, keeping distraction to a minimum, etc.

    3. Using hypnotic Deepening techniques for use in Transformation (transition) stage.

    4. Helping with Fear Clearing and hypno-cues during your Birthing Time (trading off with the Birth Partner when s/he is tired, but not replacing the Birth Partner).

    5. Supporting Hypnobabies pushing techniques for use in the pushing stage.

    6. Helping you get up to change positions or go to the bathroom immediately after a birthing wave is over as you have learned to do. This and many other Hypno-Doula training techniques help the Hypnobabies birthing mother to remain in hypnosis as you changes positions, using Birth Prompts and your “Lightswitch” and “Peace” cues.

7.Remembering that positional changes and upright positions are mainly used for descent and positioning of the baby and not for comfort in a Hypnobabies birth. When using hypnosis for childbirth, physical comfort comes from using hypnosis to flow deeper inside the inner mind, which also creates the deepest physical relaxation possible.

I want you to have the birth you desire and I am ready to come along side you for your easy and comfortable birth!

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