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~Angie was my doula for the birth of my youngest child in January. My first baby was almost 16 when I had my daughter, so I needed a refresher about pregnancy and birth! Angie worked with me throughout my pregnancy, answering questions and suggesting resources about different things that came up. I always knew I could turn to her for informatuion and suggestions about where I could learn more.

When I went into labor, Angie met me at the hospital. I wanted an epidural and I hate needles!!  Angie kept me calm, reassured me that everything that was happening was normal and when the epidural was only partially effective, she knew just what to do to help relieve some of the pain I was feeling in my back!

Angie helped me feel safe and she also helped my older daughter and husband feel more relaxed in the hospital. She encouraged my family to eat and she stayed with me so I wouldn’t be alone while they went to the cafeteria. It was a wonderful birth and I would definetly ask Angie to be my doula again!


~Angelique is an absolute angel.  Angelique was my cheerleader and coach.  She came right to the hospital to be there to let me cry on her shoulder and help me in every way she could.  After the birth,  Angelique was so strong and kind and delicate and thoughtful–she wrapped the baby up in a blanket and rocked her, she helped me bathe and dress her, she was there for all the friends and family.  She would come to me and let me know what came next, what to look out for and prepare for.  She stayed the rest of the evening and even took the pictures of the baptism!  The next couple of weeks whenever things were hard or if something wonderful happened, I could text her and she would offer encouragement and empathy.  She is a rock–a soft, huggable rock, and an angel from heaven sent to help families.  Thank you, Angie!  I will forever be grateful!  I could never have done it without you.  ❤

~When A good friend referred me to Angelique, my son was just over a week old. I was frustrated beyond belief trying to breastfeed with mixed results. I knew the benefits of breastfeeding and I did not want to turn to supplementing with formula, because I knew if I did that, I would probably just give up.

She was so kind in her approach and evaluated a feeding session to help us troubleshoot. She gave several good suggestions that I tried soon afterward with amazing improvements. She helped me to realize that I had been missing critical feeding cues and gave me alternatives for positioning to hold him, etc. She followed up with another in-person visit to make sure things were better and also gave me lots of resources to turn to for help.

My son is so healthy now. My pediatrician also told me how much of an improvement there has been since breastfeeding is going better now. I am confident that I can do this now and I am so thankful for her help!


~Angelique not only was the most amazing support person you could ask for but she through my postpartum period became one of the closest and very best friends I have. Angie was my bereavement doula. We found out our baby boy would likely not survive due to an abnormality, I was referred to a bereavement organization and put in contact with Angie. Angie took time to talk with me on the phone and really listen as I processed my babies diagnosis. She offered support and suggestions as we planed for the worse but hoped for the best, she rejoiced with me when we got good news and she cried with me when my water broke and nothing more could be done. The birth happened far to fast for Angie to make it but she was on the phone with me the moment I informed her that he was born. She continued postpartum support for MONTHS as I grieved my loss. Angelique has been the most valuable person outside of my husband during this process. I am beyond blessed to have her in my life. If we have another baby Angie will absolutely be our top choice!


~Angie attended the home birth of my son, provided nursing support, and is helping to gently wean my 3 year old.  She has been an incredible source of empathy, kindness, and strength.  The assistance she offers is comprehensive, and she shows great wisdom, and restraint, not allowing her personal thoughts and feelings to override the intentions and desires of the mother or dyad (or triad in the case of tandem nursing!)

She has great respect for the family unit, and does not lose sight of the needs of the father and siblings, and will act as an advocate and champion for your cause.

I trust her implicitly in all ways, and will always seek her wisdom and gentleness in all stages of my motherhood journey.


~I owe my successful vba2c to Angie. Without her I wouldn’t have been able to do it. At 37 weeks, my supposedly “vbac friendly” doctor pulled the rug out from under me and said “no way”. Heart broken I called Angie and she calmly explained to me that I still had options. She found me a new doctor who was willing to take me at 38 weeks. From my first contraction to the birth of my beautiful daughter it was 53 hours.  Angie was with me and my husband at home for a few hours before going in and again the next day until she was born (we were all pretty exhausted) she provided  much needed support I needed through labor and delivery.  We laughed,  we cried. She helped me and husband talk about our options. I was truly blessed to be able to find someone so caring and sweet as Angie to share such a precious time with.  If we are blessed with more children, she will definitely be one of the first ones I will call! 🙂


~Angie and I have a bit of a history: a beautiful, painful, wonderful, and healing history. Angie walked through the dark valley of the loss of my 4th child with me. My sweet baby boy Levi 20 months ago. When I found out I was pregnant again shortly after Levi’s first birthday, Angie was one of the first people I told. She walked this pregnancy with me supporting, encouraging, loving, rejoicing, listening to my worries and fears. Angie is skilled, educated, and aware of how different a pregnancy after a loss is. Her care and simply me knowing she “got me” made a huge difference to me during pregnancy. When my plans had to change from home birth to hospital birth she supported and encouraged me for making the best choice for my baby boy.  When I had a stop-start labor she drove down more than once and was patient with my very odd labor. She supported all of my choices and never made me feel like I was not doing what was best for me and my baby. She was a calming presence during labor at the hospital, and especially helpful when our son had to be taken to the NICU she stayed with us for a couple of hours, she calmed my fears, answered my questions, and talked to me about the NICU.

This birth was a very healing and empowering birth for me. After 3 live births and a second trimester loss, this pregnancy was unexpected and complicated. Angie really helped me to connect and bond with my baby while pregnant. Her unwavering support was priceless. It was pretty great that she could walk through the darkness of my loss with me and come out of the other side witnessing the light of healing this birth brought me. I love you Angie!

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