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Breaking News! and Other Things You Can’t Believe

So the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Districts V-VI-VIII and IX is coming up on September 26th-28th of this year. Peachy! On the program for the weekend is a Controversies in Obstetrics discussion led by Dr. Amy Teuter (infamous- look her up yourself if so desired) and a gentleman with a truly awesome bow tie (not kidding- bow ties are cool), Dr. Robert Lorenz. I wonder what expertise Dr. Amy will be bringing to this ‘Controversies’ session? Could it be… HOME BIRTH???

What?? Give a balanced overview!?! What??

What?? Give a balanced overview!?! What??

In other news, Similac will be presenting a round table discussion at Le Leche League’s annual conference to discuss strategies to support mothers’ breastfeeding relationships, PETA is sponsoring the Cattle Ranchers of America’s 2013 ‘Beef-In’ and the Democrats have decided to host an actual tea party for the Tea Party so they can socialize informally and see one another as people instead of just politicians.


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