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A Love Letter on Mother’s Day

This week saw the explosion of the “Mom Enough?” cover by Time Magazine. Sigh…  Over the past few days there has been a ton of fights about breastfeeding & parenting choices all over the web. Some very astute people recognize that Time has effectively caused a stir- just as they intended to- to sell magazines. But I wonder at the effect this polarizing article will have on us moms. I am annoyed- I feel protective of moms and annoyed that this article is like chum in the water that is causing many of us to turn on one another, attacking one another’s choices, beliefs and even our children’s futures.

So today, on Mother’s Day, I wanted to let all you moms out there know that I’m on your side. I want to let you know that I *know* you love your kids, that you’ve done the best you can to think through all the options and are evaluating your decisions every day.


Breastfeeding and formula feeding mamas- I know you love your babies and want to see them grow and thrive and be healthy. Cloth and disposable and EC mamas- I know you pay close attention to your baby’s cues and needs. Attachment and other mamas- I know you love your kiddos and want them to grow up to be whole, secure, confident and happy. Vaccinating and non-vaxing moms- I know you are passionately concerned about your precious one’s health. Spanking and non-spanking moms- I know you are concerned about the way your baby interacts with the world and you want to help your child make good decisions and get along with others. Weston A. Price and Standard American Diet moms- I know you want your babies to be nourished and healthy and have great relationships with food. Co-sleeping, co-bedding and crib-using mamas- I know you care deeply about your baby’s safety and healthy sleep habits. Stay-at home, Work-at-home, Work-outside-of-home moms- I know you put your children first, that every single decision you make is for their benefit, to give them exactly what they need to be happy and secure. Baby-wearing and stroller-using moms- I know you want your baby to be happy and to confidently encounter the world. Homeschooling, unschooling, and public schooling mamas- I know you are very concerned with your children’s education and you want them to have every tool available to grow into productive, fulfilled adults. Homebirthing, Unassisted birthing and hospital birthing moms- I know you are primarily concerned with safety and with your child having the best possible start in the world…

We are all moms and are looking at the world and our parenting through the lens of our own particular education, history, social situation and values. But we all- *ALL*- love our babies and want what’s best for them. And that’s why I’m on YOUR side. That’s why I love mothers- fierce, protective, nurturing, passionate mothers who feel so strongly that we are doing our best for our kids and get angry when others suggest we aren’t doing our best- because we would lay down our very lives for these little ones if we had to.

Moms- *ALL* moms- are the best. Happy Mother’s Day.

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